8kW Freedom + Solar

8kW Freedom + Solar

$ 12,030.61



Sunsynk 8kW, 48Vdc Hybrid Inverter x 1
Hubble Lithium AM-5 5.12kWh 51.2V Battery x 2
Super High Power Mono PERC HiKU with MC4-EVO2 and F30 Frame x 12
KD Solar stainless steel self bonding adjustable end-clamp with 40mm Alancap x 8
KD Solar stainless steel self-bonding mid-clamp with push-clip x 22
KD Solar fully threaded hex head screw for tile roof hooks (Pack of 20) x 2
KD Solar 4.7m long mounting rail x 6
KD Solar long rail joiner x 2
JT Power Panel wire, black, 6mm, /100m. N x 10m
JT Power Panel wire, red, 6mm, /100m. L x 10m
JT Power Panel wire, black, 6mm, /100m. E x 10m
6mm2 single-core DC cable 50m – Pair x 1
IDE Distribution box, watertight, 1×18, DIN,286x418x148mm x 1
ACDC Terminal strip, Din mount, green, 7-way,70A x 1
ACDC Terminal strip, Din mount, blue, 7-way, 70A x 1
Schneider Mini circuit breaker, C-curve, 2-pole,40A x 2
Change-Over Switch 3 Pole 63A x 1
Citel DAC40CS-11-275 SPD, type 2/3, pluggable,275VAC, 20kA x 1
NEX Combiner, 4 string, 600VDC, Type 2 SPD, isolator x 1
KETO Battery Disconnector with 160A Fuses x 1
Permoweld, black, 35mm² x 3
Permoweld, red, 35mm² x 3
Tinned copper lug, 35 x 8mm x 8


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